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Adam Goodcoff

Medical Student by day, World Traveler, Photographer, and Fitness Addict by weekend and nights. When Adam is not seeing patients or studying, he’s planning his next adventure. Adam is the Co-Founder and one of the Creators at The Med Life.

Featured in: Volume 5

Aditya Shekhar

Aditya Shekhar is an EMS educator and research scientist. He has developed prehospital medical curriculum for international providers, and his research has been published by the American College of Cardiology, European Society of Cardiology, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, among others. He is also an avid writer and photographer.

Featured in: Volume 2

Blaire Banfield

Hello all! My name is Blaire Banfield, I am a current MS4 at the University of Florida COM planning a career in Emergency Medicine. When not shut away studying for hours on end while stress shoving M&Ms in my face I enjoy hiking, brewing beers, and going to Pet Adopt-athons and snuggling baby animals. I also recently fell in love with Chalk Art! My boyfriend and his mom travel around the SE to chalk art festivals and I tagged along a few years ago and became hooked. I have submitted a few pictures of some pieces I have worked on, and I hope to have more to showcase in the future!

Featured in: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 4

Dave Allman

Currently the Assistant Clinical Manager for suburban ED, Level 1 Trauma Center. I've been in this ED for 20 years as an RN, 3 years in a Chicago ED before that. Wife, 2 kids, dog, fish, tortoise at home. Hobbies include travel, cooking, diy.

Featured in: Volume 3

Daniel B. Clark

Daniel is a retired EMS provider who spent 25 years in service before being disabled in the line of duty. He currently does artwork to try and stay active. He loves sharing gifts.

Featured in: Volume 4, Volume 5


Daniel is a emergency medical technician and first aid instructor working out of Vienna, Austria.

Featured in: Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4

Diana Trumble

I'm an EM PGY1 in California. I use crochet and fiber art as a therapeutic and artistic outlet. It helped me get through medical school, and though I don't have as much time nowadays in residency, a few minutes each day of my favorite hobby help to remind me that I'm a whole person outside of medicine.

Featured in: Volume 5

Giuliano De Portu

I was a professional photojournalist and went to medical school at 33. Currently still doing imaging for fun! You can see more images at

Featured in: Volume 5

Haley Vertelney

Hello everyone! I'm a 4th year medical student applying into EM residency programs as we speak. I'm more of a weekend warrior when it comes to art and the pieces I'm submitting are from an incredible vacation to Alaska I was lucky enough to take. Taking the pictures made me appreciate my surroundings even more. When I'm not in the hospital, you can probably find me out trail running, backpacking with friends whenever possible, learning (devastatingly slowly) how to play the mandolin, and making my way through the Ottolenghi cookbooks.

Featured in: Volume 5

Jack Dewees

I work full time as an emergency department technician at Stanford’s emergency department in Palo Alto California. I have been making these figures out out coban wrap for a year now. I call them cobanimals! I give about half the ones I make to children in the hospital and I plan to auction the others to raise money for the make a wish foundation or guide dogs for the blind. I have bought half of my own supplies, the rest was donated directly from 3M. Here is a link to my instagram page if you would like to see more.

Featured in: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 4

John Warren

A retired Fire Service Battalion Chief, EMT, and Urban Search and Rescue Team Safety Officer.

Featured in: Volume 2, Volume 3

Nolan Ung

Resident at the Harbor-UCLA Psychiatry program that staffs both Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Emergency Room

Featured in: Volume 3

Ryan Brown

A current 4th year medical student at University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Featured in: Volume 2

Shirley Bae

MS3 at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, interested in Emergency Medicine. Hobbies include movies, piano, skincare, and hiking. Always happy to pet cute dogs!

Featured in: Volume 1, Volume 2


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