Volume 4

Volume 4

Art of Emergency Medicine

Volume 4 - August 2019

Cover: Sunset in Santa Monica by Jonathan Warren

Welcome to Art of Emergency Medicine, a curated art blog dedicated to showcasing the creative side of emergency professionals! This month we have a great selection including the return of Cobanimals, our first pyrography, and a peek into macro photography. We’re excited to see the hobbies of emergency professionals and continue to promote their talents and well being!

As always, we would like to thank each and every professional who has submitted artwork. If you wish to learn more about the artists featured in this issue, scroll to the bottom of this page or visit our contributors page for a continuously updated list of biographies.

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By: Daniel

Cobanimals_Spongebob - Jack Dewees.jpeg


By: Jack Dewees

Sculptures made almost entirely of compression bandage wrap. It takes longer than you think.

Our Microscopic World.jpg

Our Microscopic World

By: Jonathan Warren

Sometimes I have found myself so caught up in the “hustle and bustle” of Los Angeles that I begin to lose sight of the stunning details of the life that surrounds us. Macro photography has allowed me to focus in and slow down a little in life. Enjoying the details of small plants, insects, and more around my neighborhood has given me a wonderful new appreciation of nature (even in a large city). I hope it does the same for you all.


My Sanity Break

By: Daniel B. Clarke

Created using pyrography. An image of my quiet place.


Sloth Life

By: Blaire Banfield

Three Paths Through the Forest.jpg

Three Paths Through the Forest

By: Jonathan Warren

New Zealand seems to be filled with endless forests that are ripe for exploration. The trails are well maintained, filled with lush scenery, and are picturesque around every bend. Needless to stay, it was great motivation to continue the hike (and take rest breaks for more photos).

This Volume’s Featured Artists:

Blaire Banfield

Hello all! My name is Blaire Banfield, I am a current MS4 at the University of Florida COM planning a career in Emergency Medicine. When not shut away studying for hours on end while stress shoving M&Ms in my face I enjoy hiking, brewing beers, and going to Pet Adopt-athons and snuggling baby animals. I also recently fell in love with Chalk Art! My boyfriend and his mom travel around the SE to chalk art festivals and I tagged along a few years ago and became hooked.

Daniel B. Clark

Daniel is a retired EMS provider who spent 25 years before being disabled in the line of duty. He currently does artwork to try and stay active. He loves sharing gifts.


Daniel is a emergency medical technician and first aid instructor working out of Vienna, Austria.

Jack Dewees

I work full time as an emergency department technician at Stanford’s emergency department in Palo Alto California. I have been making these figures out out coban wrap for a year now. I call them cobanimals! I give about half the ones I make to children in the hospital and I plan to auction the others to raise money for the make a wish foundation or guide dogs for the blind. I have bought half of my own supplies, the rest was donated directly from 3M. Here is a link to my instagram page if you would like to see more.

Jonathan Warren

A fourth year medical student at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Art of Emergency Medicine, Jon is planning to pursue a career within emergency medicine once he graduates. His hobbies include photography, hiking, Netflix, and dogs. He’s always on the lookout for the next adventure. Find more of his photography on Instagram.

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