About Us

We are happy to introduce you all to the the Art of Emergency medicine blog: A curated collection of medical and non-medical artwork, literature, photographs, and more created by those in the emergency profession.

We here at Art of Emergency Medicine understand that there is more to each and every emergency professional than simply their clinical acumen. We are dedicated to the hobbies, lifestyles, and creativity of emergency professionals and understand that many utilize literature, photography, art, etc as a creative outlet for stress and burnout so commonly experienced in this specialty. We believe that this artwork (both medical and non-medical) can be shared to inspire and support the well-being of emergency professionals around the world.

Join us as we release monthly volumes curated by our editorial team from the amazing submissions from emergency medicine professionals across the globe.

Where are our submissions from?

If you would like to know more about those who have submitted, please check out our contributors page!